Ralph's Rumford Rewards

Join our family of happy pet parents with Ralph's Rumford Rewards! Get cash back on purchases everyday just by signing up and using your card. Ralph's Reward members also receive special benefits in the form of coupons and in store specials. Ask your cashier to sign up and start receiving cash back today!

Rumford Pet Center reserves the right to restrict the ability for points to be earned on certain items such as candy, impulse items and certain sale items. Points cannot be redeemed the same day at which a certain point level is reached, due to posting requirements. Points cannot be exchanged for cash, credit, or coupons; only store credit. Rumford Pet Center reserves the right to change any of its policies at any time. If at any time Rumford Pet Center finds any malicious or illegal use of this program, we reserve the right to remove those people from the program. No programs are to be combined with any other program.

A total of 300 points can be earned for one ticket